Creative Writing Ideasđź“ť

Expressing ourselves is essential for our creativity to develop so below I’ve listed ways we can do that improve our writing abilities:

  1. Think of an object. Create a spider diagram linking words that relate to that object. Include all five senses and emotions when describing that object. Make it as a word count of 300 words.
  2. Write a short story in third person then revise it and write it in the first person.
  3. Write about a topic that you feel strongly about and write an opposing piece of literature that argues against that point of view. Find ways to distinguish fact from opinion. Make this a word count of 400 words.
  4. Do it at your own pace! đź’•

Goodbye – A poem

Goodbye to the old world, the world I see. Goodbye to the people who wouldn’t let me be.

Goodbye to our vision that foresees day and night. Goodbye to the seasons of darkness and light.

Goodbye to the presence of our inner soul, let it rise in to heaven where our truth can be told.

Goodbye to the hope that we contained in our hearts, Goodbye to the illusion that life tears us apart.