The aftermath of psychological manipulation

What is subtle psychological manipulation? My personal definition is the process of transferring underhanded tactics to manipulate an individual using majority influence in an attempt to discredit and restrict someone from making their own decisions and deprive them from their basic needs. Yes I’ve been through this and survived. The damage is long-lasting but itContinue reading “The aftermath of psychological manipulation”

Storm deja vu✍🏻📝

I wrote this short story when I was in year  ten. I enjoyed literature and creative writing at school and history, creative writing & citizenship studies were my strongest subjects: I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it so here it goes… Storm Deja Vu I opened my bruised bloodshotContinue reading “Storm deja vu✍🏻📝”

A self-reflection

She fell into the darkness. Every memory and every sense of breath encapsulates her deepest fears and her most inner desires. Her brain thinking a thousand thoughts. But then she rose. Her brain started connecting patterns. Her brain started to amplify in response to environmental factors but it was still stuck. It was still fastContinue reading “A self-reflection”