Is it time to rethink borderline personality disorder?

I thought I’d do a post after seeing a post on Facebook about a kind hearted young girl taking her own life because of borderline personality disorder caused by abuse.

I just want to point out the effects of borderline personality disorder and how it may impact on caregivers:

  • BPD are loving individuals
  • They are not dangerous
  • They are warm and caring
  • They isolate themselves when they feel too overwhelmed, they become angry when they are afraid
  • They experience extreme mood swings when faced with interpersonal trauma and/or distress
  • They think with their heart
  • Its one of the most commonly recognised personality disorders
  • During a crisis the sufferer loses control – as a result this can lead to suicide or intense emotional reactions to triggers that relate to the sufferers interpersonal traumas.
  • They have problems interacting with others and dissociate to mask their inner pain
  • They feel lost and abandoned the majority of the time
  • If intensely bullied/abused may experience delusions and hallucinations
  • Is often confused with Histrionic Personality Disorder, dissociative identity disorder, bipolar disorder, ptsd and narcissistic personality disorder.
  • It’s not a label, it’s neurological and affects the areas of the brain responsible for controlling mood
  • Creativity, drama therapy and music therapy helps with restoring the individual to a normal level of functioning
  • Can affect relationships and are at risk of further abuse
  • Are often criticised by the healthcare professions who don’t understand during a crisis the illness can take over the mind of even the most high functioning borderline
  • This needs to be removed from the personality disorders category because it’s the only personality disorder to have the highest suicide rates and personality disorders start before the age of four -bpd is the result of abuse.



Compassionate Mind Training

A technique I’m starting to use for my own well being is compassionate mind training.

In compassionate mind training you have to ask yourself the questions that activate your flight and fight response and understand what drives you to behave in a certain way.

All humans share two main traits and that is survival and reproduction. The planet is millions of years old and we are destroying it with our selfish needs, we are building upon nature, we will face extinction if we keep doing the same negative behaviours that destroys the world as we know it. Nature is spectacular.

Our threat system can change the thought processes of the mind. Our bodies are designed biologically to look out for threats. It is designed to look out for danger and it is designed to reason, to think, to imagine, to create, to motivate and to be emotional. Millions of years ago people didn’t have these labels that are thrown on us in society. Normative social influence, conformity and obedience is one of the reasons why there’s more bad in the world than good – it’s because people are programming themselves through materialistic desires. We have all the technology in the end except we still criticise the people who suffer from mental health. We are supposed to develop. We are supposed to evolve. We are supposed to become abundant. We are supposed to share. We are suppose to build. We are supposed to do so many wonderful things.


How does music amplify mood?

If you’re feeling depressed listen to a piece of music that is the opposite of the way you feel – this can shift you into mania, feel your thoughts multiplying feel  yourself achieveing and being capable of anything, see so many bright colours, so many lights, do so many magnificent things even when your mood is low. Crazy right?

In the midst of it all you just want to take control and tell yourself to stop but you can’t. It’s so euphoric it feels amazing but depressing at the same time. Is that even possible?

“I can’t help myself it’s human nature, human nature, who says who we are meant to be” – Zara Larsson

You can love the world in a moment. You love the way it’s constructed. You love the different shapes of the buildings. The buzzing of the brain, the prefrontal cortex battling with your soul saying just stop and your soul saying stabilise and calm down please but you just can’t. You just want to Write. Write. Write. You’re enjoying the atmosphere but it’s amaking you agitated and irritable at the same time. You can feel the episodes getting worse but it’s so amazing. You know what you’re dealing with within yourself so you just write and write and write to take off that aggravated edge. Who knew mood swings could be so painful and magnificent at the same time.



The divided world

We are all divided in our concepts, in the way we feel about the world, and the way we see the world. We all support different and opposing levels of regime that separates us and in times of chaos we forget that people who are suffering are human and make mistakes except it’s not the mistake that defines the person it’s what’s shadowed in their heart – their deepest insecurities, their passion to make the world a better place, their enduring capacity to make change. Change is inevitable.

Look after your health biologically but more importantly focus on positive things psychologically as these things will make you more aware and help you to grow, to develop, and cope with life’s challenges.

We are the lights within our souls. We are the path we choose to take but not the illnesses we have to compromise ourselves with. Remember we are all different and we are all valued 💙


What are you capable of?

Ever wondered how you could make a difference to others? Ever wanted to avoid people who drain you?

Your goals over everything. What are you capable of? What are your strengths? What makes you different? What do you enjoy doing?

Do you often listen to others advice without listening to your own? Do you ever feel you can break free from the standardised norms society puts in place?

You may or may not be going through a hard time right now but if you are let yourself heal. The worst moments will pass then create a plan.

If you’re struggling just remember, you’re strong and you have the passion and optimism within you.

What can YOU do? What are YOUR specialities?

1. Print off a CBT workbook and set yourself a time limit every day – 1 hour or even 30 minutes if have children and a hectic life.

2. Take supplements and minimise sugar as this will keep your blood sugar more stable to ease mood swings and will make you feel more energised.

3. Create your own self development folder that no one needs to see but you can fill it out daily.

4. Set yourself creative goals as it has shown by science to improve mental health conditions & ease physical conditions like Fibromyalgia.

5. Socialise with those who won’t judge you for what you experience in your life but would always support you no matter what because they’re the people worth associating with in life.

6. If someone calls you crazy, just remember – great ideas never came from standardised minds. Grades don’t measure intelligence and mental health doesn’t define character. You can achieve anything you truthfully want. Sometimes it takes a life transformation to realise your capabilities. But keep going because you’re strong enough.