What side of the brain do you use?


What side of the brain do you use?

The interaction between both is a game of volleyball, a confusing element within its features, a comprehensive account of our genetics and memory processes…
Skills are what motivates us. Experience is what shapes us. Atoms. That’s all we are atoms.




Compassionate Mind Training

A technique I’m starting to use for my own well being is compassionate mind training.

In compassionate mind training you have to ask yourself the questions that activate your flight and fight response and understand what drives you to behave in a certain way.

All humans share two main traits and that is survival and reproduction. The planet is millions of years old and we are destroying it with our selfish needs, we are building upon nature, we will face extinction if we keep doing the same negative behaviours that destroys the world as we know it. Nature is spectacular.

Our threat system can change the thought processes of the mind. Our bodies are designed biologically to look out for threats. It is designed to look out for danger and it is designed to reason, to think, to imagine, to create, to motivate and to be emotional. Millions of years ago people didn’t have these labels that are thrown on us in society. Normative social influence, conformity and obedience is one of the reasons why there’s more bad in the world than good – it’s because people are programming themselves through materialistic desires. We have all the technology in the end except we still criticise the people who suffer from mental health. We are supposed to develop. We are supposed to evolve. We are supposed to become abundant. We are supposed to share. We are suppose to build. We are supposed to do so many wonderful things.


Ernest Hemingway 📜

Ernest Hemingway spoke from the soul. He struggled greatly throughout his life, put his thoughts in writing, and reached millions of people around the world until his life ended in tragedy from bipolar disorder. Let’s make his work proud. Fulfil his desires of what he wished to see in the world:

Below are a few quotes I’d like to share that inspired me to create this blog:


The literature interpretation of this quote is how creativity can be influenced by sociological, biological, genetic and environmental factors. It resonates deeply with my personal inner pain. 


The literature interpretation of this text is if you’re seen as having capacity in your ability to write you are looked at as if you’re not suffering at all – your mood is considered affect reactive when in many instances it isnt acknowledgable from the public eye. He also is explaining how happiness is rare in people who create because depressive illnesses give a better view of reality.