What side of the brain do you use?


What side of the brain do you use?

The interaction between both is a game of volleyball, a confusing element within its features, a comprehensive account of our genetics and memory processes…
Skills are what motivates us. Experience is what shapes us. Atoms. That’s all we are atoms.




Why I love Doctor Who📝

When I was bullied for my appearance as a teenager, was deprived from being able to socialise or have friendships in school I spent the majority of my life writing because it was something I could do to put my emotions into words. It was something I could mask my inner pain of the negative experiences I was experiencing in my home life. It was a gift of mine. I knew I was different from others but I often had self doubt about my abilities, I was overly compliant, I grew up in a negative environment although my parents did their best so it’s a miracle how my heart has remained whole, how my compassion is still there despite the way the world has suppressed my most inner desires and deprived me from my goals for being open-minded, for being a compassionate being, for being different. My hobby would be to isolate myself in my room and watch doctor who as a teenager.

I love doctor who because it has historic references, it shows how people make mistakes in life in creative ways, it is emotive in its deliverance of promoting love, feelings, pain. It is a programme of art. One of the most valuable experiences I’ve had in my life was meeting Billie Piper and being part of her new film that’s being released in the new year. I love her acting and how she portrays emotion. Billie Piper will always be one of my idols. She’s creative, she has strength and David Tennant is amazing as an actor. That’s the beauty of the programme of doctor who💕


Is there a link between creativity and mental illness?



There are many websites speculating there is a link between creativity and mental illness. Is it specific to a certain type of mental illness? Is it specific to the individual? Or is it both?

It wasn’t till I had these flights of ideas I assumed am I bipolar or am I just creative?

Acting school must have taught me in some way to withhold my moods from the public eye as when I joined Sylvia Young Theatre School in 2016 I used it as a type of DBT therapy and used graded exposure to relieve my anxiety and depression and they helped me in portraying my feelings to an audience. They helped me to talk about what was on my mind in a creative way within a small group which I found extremely effective. I was happy I had found such a supportive environment for myself to express myself creatively.

I then found a small office job to try develop my confidence to speak to people over the phone because I couldn’t do that beforehand. I wanted to prove to myself that I can whilst helping another person without them knowing who you are. I thought if Sylvia Young Theatre school can do what I seemed impossible with me then I could do other things to help myself. I’m being sensible whilst learning to adapt to the new changes. I’m writing. Which is a beautiful essence in itself. I’m a sole person. I am still growing, still learning, still wanting to be loved where there is a mutual connection although my mother recently said to me “Natalie, you’re a mystery”.

I like being a mystery. I like being odd – I want stability but I want stability in a creative way. I want to write to help others – not to hurt them like some have hurt me. I want to be able to use insightful expression to create new ideas, write stories, write poems, and write write write.



At the age of 11 I performed on stage at Norwich Theatre as a Samurai Warrior (background) part of my school.

In 2016 I attended the Sylvia Young Theatre School for two years to build upon my confidence and loved the creativity of learning about method acting and the meisner technique. This lead me to building a portfolio and obtaining extra work which I’m still looking forward to build my portfolio for for the future.

List of films/tv/music videos I’ve been in since 2016 to treat my borderline personality disorder.

Tokyo Taboo – Papercut (Music Video) 2017 – Role: Student

With Confidence – Waterfall (Music video) – background extra – 2017

Skoda Advert ft Paloma Faith – advert (crowd base) – 2018

Hate Story 4 – media paparazzi/guest (featured extra) Bollywood Production 2017.

Bink App Commercial (featured role – shop assistant) 2017

BASF Commercial – (extra) 2018

Thanks for the memories – mini series – (extra) 2017

Budweiser World Cup Commercial (extra) – 2018

Cricket World Cup commercial (extra) 2018

Office assistant for a commercial website (2018)

At the age of 9 I had an original piece of writing published in a book.


Level 3 in Social Studies & Humanities

Level 3 in Health & social care

8 GCSE’s Grade B & C

Most of my support artist work has been voluntary & a hobby due to improving my own self and well being and becoming a contributing member of society.

Voluntary Work Experience:

Archives – Hitching Museum (voluntary) 2008

Work experience:


establishing shot


What are you capable of?

Ever wondered how you could make a difference to others? Ever wanted to avoid people who drain you?

Your goals over everything. What are you capable of? What are your strengths? What makes you different? What do you enjoy doing?

Do you often listen to others advice without listening to your own? Do you ever feel you can break free from the standardised norms society puts in place?

You may or may not be going through a hard time right now but if you are let yourself heal. The worst moments will pass then create a plan.

If you’re struggling just remember, you’re strong and you have the passion and optimism within you.

What can YOU do? What are YOUR specialities?

1. Print off a CBT workbook and set yourself a time limit every day – 1 hour or even 30 minutes if have children and a hectic life.

2. Take supplements and minimise sugar as this will keep your blood sugar more stable to ease mood swings and will make you feel more energised.

3. Create your own self development folder that no one needs to see but you can fill it out daily.

4. Set yourself creative goals as it has shown by science to improve mental health conditions & ease physical conditions like Fibromyalgia.

5. Socialise with those who won’t judge you for what you experience in your life but would always support you no matter what because they’re the people worth associating with in life.

6. If someone calls you crazy, just remember – great ideas never came from standardised minds. Grades don’t measure intelligence and mental health doesn’t define character. You can achieve anything you truthfully want. Sometimes it takes a life transformation to realise your capabilities. But keep going because you’re strong enough.