Is borderline personality disorder really a personality disorder?🧐

Borderline Personality Disorder ⭐️Borderline Personality disorder is a type of personality disorder that occurs as the result of abuse or neglect hence fits into the personality disorder category. It is the only personality disorder to show significant active change on MRI scans but from a personal point of view as a sufferer I believe it’s a psychiatric illness that can be relieved through psychological therapies and positive affirmations and associations although there’s no specific drug to treat it yet.

To avoid a borderline mental health crisis avoid anyone emotionally abusive who intends to emotionally abuse, avoid negative associations and negative unstable relationships, avoid too much stress as a BPD mental health crisis can last for a long period of time from experience without intervention or appropriate support.

It is highly stigmatised in health professions because of the way it is portrayed in the media but the illness isn’t an individual’s personality or identity. You can have positive people with BPD and negative people with BPD. Individuals suffering from BPD are not manipulative as this was removed recently in the DSM. The black-white thinking comes across as manipulative and the hallucinations and delusions that magnify during relationships except not all relationships are effected. If an individual is understanding towards your borderline personality disorder then the more likely you’ll have less problems in interpersonal relationships. Personally I feel Borderline Personality Disorder borders between Complex PTSD and bipolar disorder as it affects the same areas of the brain.

You have a variety of skills, you are intelligent, creative and optimistic. You always believe in a better world.


Positive choices and creative abilities 💓

  1. Write a list of the feelings you want to feel that you want to feel daily
  2. Write a list of your goals and aspirations
  3. Listen to classical or meditation music daily
  4. Write down list of hobbies and create a template to commit to those activities
  5. Create a healthy diet plan
  6. Sign up to courses that make you feel good within your soul.
  7. What is your soul telling you? Focus on the way you feel as a person
  8. Write a list of what you value and a list of your positive memories
  9. Join the time to change campaign


At the age of 11 I performed on stage at Norwich Theatre as a Samurai Warrior (background) part of my school.

In 2016 I attended the Sylvia Young Theatre School for two years to build upon my confidence and loved the creativity of learning about method acting and the meisner technique. This lead me to building a portfolio and obtaining extra work which I’m still looking forward to build my portfolio for for the future.

List of films/tv/music videos I’ve been in since 2016 to treat my borderline personality disorder.

Tokyo Taboo – Papercut (Music Video) 2017 – Role: Student

With Confidence – Waterfall (Music video) – background extra – 2017

Skoda Advert ft Paloma Faith – advert (crowd base) – 2018

Hate Story 4 – media paparazzi/guest (featured extra) Bollywood Production 2017.

Bink App Commercial (featured role – shop assistant) 2017

BASF Commercial – (extra) 2018

Thanks for the memories – mini series – (extra) 2017

Budweiser World Cup Commercial (extra) – 2018

Cricket World Cup commercial (extra) 2018

Office assistant for a commercial website (2018)

At the age of 9 I had an original piece of writing published in a book.


Level 3 in Social Studies & Humanities

Level 3 in Health & social care

8 GCSE’s Grade B & C

Most of my support artist work has been voluntary & a hobby due to improving my own self and well being and becoming a contributing member of society.

Voluntary Work Experience:

Archives – Hitching Museum (voluntary) 2008

Work experience:


establishing shot

Life Quotes & phrases💓

“Imagination is intensified in the experiences the soul contains, the spirit of the damaged mind, and the behaviour of the reaction to societial events”

“Those who create are more empathetic & see a world in need of restoration”

“You don’t need a group of friends, you only need one, that friend can be you, or it can be someone else”

“Your Brain amplifies in response to environmental factors because you have passionate feelings”



What are you capable of?

Ever wondered how you could make a difference to others? Ever wanted to avoid people who drain you?

Your goals over everything. What are you capable of? What are your strengths? What makes you different? What do you enjoy doing?

Do you often listen to others advice without listening to your own? Do you ever feel you can break free from the standardised norms society puts in place?

You may or may not be going through a hard time right now but if you are let yourself heal. The worst moments will pass then create a plan.

If you’re struggling just remember, you’re strong and you have the passion and optimism within you.

What can YOU do? What are YOUR specialities?

1. Print off a CBT workbook and set yourself a time limit every day – 1 hour or even 30 minutes if have children and a hectic life.

2. Take supplements and minimise sugar as this will keep your blood sugar more stable to ease mood swings and will make you feel more energised.

3. Create your own self development folder that no one needs to see but you can fill it out daily.

4. Set yourself creative goals as it has shown by science to improve mental health conditions & ease physical conditions like Fibromyalgia.

5. Socialise with those who won’t judge you for what you experience in your life but would always support you no matter what because they’re the people worth associating with in life.

6. If someone calls you crazy, just remember – great ideas never came from standardised minds. Grades don’t measure intelligence and mental health doesn’t define character. You can achieve anything you truthfully want. Sometimes it takes a life transformation to realise your capabilities. But keep going because you’re strong enough.