BPD and CPTSD are the same condition…here’s why.

Borderline Personality Disorder and Complex PTSD are often mistaken for one another. Growing up I was bullied, endured repetitive abuse, became anxious, had a fear of people but it came to my attention recently what if these two conditions are the same condition? Let me explain this from an ‘out of the box’ point ofContinue reading “BPD and CPTSD are the same condition…here’s why.”

How do you want to be loved?

My idea of a relationship is someone who will never give up on you no matter how hard it is, someone who appreciates you for your flaws, someone who enjoys walks in nature with a kind loving heart, someone who thinks of me as worthy rather than an option. Although we all dream of thisContinue reading “How do you want to be loved?”

Writing is your safe place

Whenever you feel suppressed or controlled by the world, writing is your safe place. The art of putting feelings into words is a talent in itself. Been judged recently? Been ridiculed and criticised? Been compared? Been discarded like you don’t even matter? There will never be another you. People cause the most pain and theyContinue reading “Writing is your safe place”

A day without sertraline 100mg

A day without sertraline for a BPD brings on sudden intense mood swings and changes to our brain’s biochemistry. It’s similar to someone coming along with a magic wand and transforming your character into someone you don’t even know or even worse, a ghost. You begin to feel your emotions heighten without the medication. YouContinue reading “A day without sertraline 100mg”

The Pain of the Borderline

Love hurts us all or should I say the wrong type of love. Love can make us feel afraid, feel desperate not to lose someone, or it can turn the other way. Within an instant a borderlines pain can be extravagantly magnified in altitude to the point their pain is expressed in verbal threats whichContinue reading “The Pain of the Borderline”

A borderline breakdown

Here is the thing. A borderline will have one breakdown and plea and ask for help but be rejected by those who support mental health as they believe it comprises their whole personality when this isn’t correct – research hasn’t been conducted efficiently enough to take note of the biological changes. A borderline will pickContinue reading “A borderline breakdown”