Focus versus distractions ✍🏻

How we feel about ourselves projects into the fabric of others perceptions. We are often solitary, we are often confused, our ideas are so complex that our brain has unusual levels of activity and we can succumb to others opinions because we are different and indifferent at the same time. The brain functions according toContinue reading “Focus versus distractions ✍🏻”

Exploring emotions through DBT 📜

Instead of acknowledging the negative emotions I feel intensely I’ve used the DBT therapy workbook and listed below the positive emotions I’d like to feel daily: Joy Happiness Loved Loving Pleased Relieved Smart Strong Lively Enlightened Energetic Excited Glad Happy Content Relaxed Hopeful Bubbly Blessed Blissful Curious Delighted Proud Respected List ways & possibilities toContinue reading “Exploring emotions through DBT 📜”

The 4 P’s of Creativity integrated within the mental health sector

Person –  Create a spider diagram with Person in the middle representing yourself and point the creative influences that define you so for example what you love and why you love that particular objective. Add your flaws/anything you wish to improve. Process –  Look at the spider diagram and add practicalities and tasks to doContinue reading “The 4 P’s of Creativity integrated within the mental health sector”

Is borderline personality disorder really a personality disorder?🧐

Borderline Personality Disorder ⭐️Borderline Personality disorder is a type of personality disorder that occurs as the result of abuse or neglect hence fits into the personality disorder category. It is the only personality disorder to show significant active change on MRI scans but from a personal point of view as a sufferer I believe it’sContinue reading “Is borderline personality disorder really a personality disorder?🧐”

Positive choices and creative abilities 💓

Write a list of the feelings you want to feel that you want to feel daily Write a list of your goals and aspirations Listen to classical or meditation music daily Write down list of hobbies and create a template to commit to those activities Create a healthy diet plan Sign up to courses thatContinue reading “Positive choices and creative abilities 💓”

Life Quotes & phrases💓

“Imagination is intensified in the experiences the soul contains, the spirit of the damaged mind, and the behaviour of the reaction to societial events” “Those who create are more empathetic & see a world in need of restoration” “You don’t need a group of friends, you only need one, that friend can be you, orContinue reading “Life Quotes & phrases💓”

What are you capable of?

Ever wondered how you could make a difference to others? Ever wanted to avoid people who drain you? Your goals over everything. What are you capable of? What are your strengths? What makes you different? What do you enjoy doing? Do you often listen to others advice without listening to your own? Do you everContinue reading “What are you capable of?”