How do you want to be loved?

My idea of a relationship is someone who will never give up on you no matter how hard it is, someone who appreciates you for your flaws, someone who enjoys walks in nature with a kind loving heart, someone who thinks of me as worthy rather than an option.

Although we all dream of this the reality is quite lonesome. I’ve stayed single for an extremely long time because what I look for in a person are the emotions that money can not buy. In this society people expect you to not have any baggage, to bounce from one person to the next when I cannot be that person and I won’t. I will not have multiple relationships under any circumstances because that isn’t stability.

I haven’t met the right one yet and people say to me all the time that I’m beautiful and someone will be lucky to have me and I’ll find someone easily. If there’s no connection I will not sleep with them or waste my time because the last thing this world needs is any more broken hearts.

Yes I’m a borderline, it doesn’t mean we jump from relationship to relationship because we don’t. We stand and we deal. We fight for ourselves. We fight for love, compassion and to bring this world back to a sociable, loving state.

I have no apologies for who I am.

This is me.


Who do you choose to be?

Write a list of what you are grateful for even if you feel so low in the dumps. Actually look at the blessings that is surrounding you:

  1. The beauty of the natural world
  2. My family and friends
  3. My university
  4. My job
  5. My writing ability
  6. My acting ability
  7. My compassionate nature
  8. The ability to reprogram my mindset

Writing is your safe place

Whenever you feel suppressed or controlled by the world, writing is your safe place. The art of putting feelings into words is a talent in itself.

Been judged recently? Been ridiculed and criticised? Been compared? Been discarded like you don’t even matter?

There will never be another you. People cause the most pain and they can either break us or make us. You’re not the opinions of those who judge you. You’re not a label. You’re a human being with a passion to be part of this world.

Having emotion isn’t a burden. It means you have compassion – a quality that most people have to artificially create. . .

I’m happy today because I’m not in a breakdown. My brains calm. I’m happy and comfortable alone. And I’m not in the state I was in a year ago so I’m already healing.

You can too.




Time does not have a value. We as humans created that value by adding hands on a clock and calculating the sunrise to the sunset.

Money does not have a value. We created that value by pricing everything that we deem a human would need.

So what is value?

Value is your family, your friends. Family is the ability to share hope to the world and give out light.

Value is loving yourself deeper than anyone else has whilst not being arrogant or self-absorbed.

Value is appreciating every moment we have in life.

Value is not bringing others down.