A borderline breakdown

Here is the thing.

A borderline will have one breakdown and plea and ask for help but be rejected by those who support mental health as they believe it comprises their whole personality when this isn’t correct – research hasn’t been conducted efficiently enough to take note of the biological changes.

A borderline will pick themselves up and all of a sudden this will be seen as a sign of weakness to those not experienced the same mental health condition?

This is discrimination. This is something that the small minds are unable to understand so they form their own opinion and mistake your strength as a weakness.

Never let anyone tell you you can’t get better or change after a crisis. Build your hopes back up.

I believe in you.



A ride like no other

Every breath I take, I visualise the salt in the fresh mid year, tiny particles forming a unique sense of smell in alignment with the rising sun.

The wind wisps effortlessly through my long strands of hair, a drop of the ocean spits at my thunderous skin.

This is the ride like no other.