Always have a hobby

Perfection doesn’t exist. We are all unique in our own ways. I’ve taught myself how to code over the weekend and found it enjoyable. I even went on a hen night with my cousins and found myself to be more sociable again all thanks to Sertraline.

I look back at all those that criticised my depression when I was fighting to keep myself alive and just think one day they could be I  the same position and experience the same effects. Sertraline keeps me coping it keeps me alive. It balances my neurotransmitters and I’m not ashamed of that.

I’m never ashamed of mental health. I’m not ashamed because everyone has a mental health issue to a certain degree and sometimes we don’t realise how much something can affect us until we experience the effects of what we have experienced.

I’ve always been a borderline but a loving borderline at that. It’s not a “Dustbin” diagnosis but understanding of this mental illness is crucial for developments within psychology.

Let’s create a more fair and understanding world.

By TheCreativeBorderline

Creative, Insightful, Intelligent

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