Daily Drive

This is a personal blog about the way I feel and how I view others which may or may not contradict others ideas and views although this blog isn’t here to change their minds about who I am as a person. Its here to show the effects of mental health illness that I personally struggle with although things have greatly improved.

This week I was involved in a Bollywood film production for the second time, created some mental health gift boxes to raise money for charity and improve young peoples mental health and managed to get myself back into work doing what I love. I’m a gentle soul with big ambition and although you can’t see my struggles I’m gradually learning acceptance which is a dialectical behavioural therapy method; to acknowledge that your emotions are real and they are valid.

Those who don’t suffer with serious mental health illnesses find it difficult to understand because their mindset isn’t the same.

Mental health is so controversial because of conform and adaptation to what is seen as stability that most sufferers end up alone because of the stigma attached to the sufferer with the description of the label.

We need to stop asking What’s wrong with you and start asking what happened to you and what is the cause?

You cannot see a trees roots unless you dig up the soil.

By TheCreativeBorderline

Creative, Insightful, Intelligent

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