Is it harder for those with a high IQ to receive adequate mental health care?

This is a question that wavers me. In the current mental health system; mental health is seemed as the way we think rather than looking at the way the brain corresponds to the different imbalances of chemicals.

We shouldn’t forget that others dedicate their lives to making sure others are safe with their emotional and mental health development.

We shouldn’t forget the stigma within mental health systems either – especially in a way that despises their view except when you try and say it’s not you they think you have the power to control it during a crisis.

During a crisis it is hard. It’s hard because time is a healer. It’s hard because you can lose friends. It’s hard because it can damage your personal life and when the crisis is over you spend the next few years piecing yourself back together again and learning from your experiences.

IQ is separate from what is really occurring within our brain. It’s separate from our thoughts, emotions and experiences.

IQ is just a mixed combination of what we are born with and how we have used our interpersonal knowledge in society.

By TheCreativeBorderline

Creative, Insightful, Intelligent

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