From surviving to thriving

She made it through the worst


I’m creating more opportunities for myself daily. I’ve made so much progress in my personal life I really feel I can thrive in a job and a place of study where I KNOW I can achieve my full potential. Others laughing at my prior illness just motivates me to becoming more positive within myself. The people who judge you the most are those that either are too scared to try, don’t think they can, or afraid to show their weaknesses.

I’ve had criticism left, right and centre about who I am as a person – because I’ve always had that passionate quirky personality except I look back at how much I helped others in the past and I just think well that was me being helpful because I know what it’s like to experience pain.

I spent Christmas day alone last year because I was dealing with the after effects of how others intentionally wanted to make me feel and of course my depression which is now stabilised on the Sertraline.

Am I afraid of mental health stigma? No. Why? Because I’m comfortable as a creative person, I’m comfortable with my prospects and my talents – and I love the natural beauty of the world. The misconception is that those who are suicidal want to die. No, they really don’t. They want to survive but its having the right treatments in place.

Don’t let others stigmatise your illness. Don’t allow others to bring you down to their level. Be compassionate in a war-stricken world where you can just be yourself for a change and always remember – you’re worth more than you ever believed if you looked at yourself from another perspective.

She made it through. A strong soldier in her own right. 


By TheCreativeBorderline

Creative, Insightful, Intelligent

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