To those who lost themselves 💙✍🏻

During the period I lost myself it damaged my relationship with those closest to me. I have always constantly walked on eggshells throughout my life; the type of people pleaser who wouldn’t topple even the darkest minds until I stood up for myself.

I stood up to the setbacks. I stood up to the criticism. I made a personal mistake and felt guilty for what I said about a few people I once cared about because they hurt me in a way I couldn’t describe. Did I mean the bad things I said? No! No matter how badly anyone has treated me. If I didn’t fall unwell during the period or consistently ask for the help and support which did more harm than good to the symptoms I specifically needed help with then I probably wouldn’t have lost my mind or doubted my perceptions.

Do I hate the people who caused me pain since being on the Sertraline?

No. I don’t hate them. Because I made it through.

I’m not perfect. I’ve made mistakes – I followed my heart my whole life instead of using my brain. But that has changed.

One thing I’d only expect from anyone is don’t lie about having feelings for me if you don’t because I’ve been on my own regularly throughout my life and my aim is to reach my full potential and help others using the abilities I do have.

Some people never had feelings for you. They just say they did to get what they want from you. A precedented act, a strategy to manipulate, a source of comfort to make themselves feel better about themselves. They’ll never realise the after effects because they have a false love perspective and isn’t it better to love? We pretty much need more love in this world.

By TheCreativeBorderline

Creative, Insightful, Intelligent

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