A Borderline Moment

Mental health professionals do not seem to grasp the concept that people can change and improve their lives no matter if they’ve had a previous diagnosis of borderline personality disorder or not. To listen to them tell me who I am when I know what would work for me is practically throwing myself back in the past. Like hello? I had no control over my mood swings for a six month period and was told to not tell them when I feel suicidal when I was suicidal. Why would I waste their time if I wasn’t? Luckily for me the suicidal feelings have passed and my personality is returning back to normal. Sadly my borderline personality disorder did make an appearance again after an emotional abuse incident but it’s so criticised in health professions that a news team have asked to interview me to make change on the misconceptions of the disorder as believe I have a voice that could make a difference for mental health awareness week in May. I’m doing this for others so they don’t have to go through the stigma I had to and so the healthcare professions will listen to the sufferers more. It takes the right communication with a borderline. It isn’t an adjective. It is a serious brain illness that can’t be switched off like a switch. The theoretical knowledge of the condition puts sufferers at risk of further harm because it implies it’s the sufferers fault so if they were to be abused again it is more than likely they wouldn’t be believed because of their diagnosis which is silly. Mental health conditions don’t discriminate and there needs to be better change. If health professionals want to spend less money and tax on mental health conditions then it’s time reform was made.

By TheCreativeBorderline

Creative, Insightful, Intelligent

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