Do you ever wonder what emotions are?


  • Anger; A reflection of being told you were wrong for something you don’t believe in but can’t grasp the concept or the contradictive view of another – an emotion that forms from an unknown trigger related to your personal experience
  • Happiness; A feeling of elation, a feeling of stability, a feeling that your emotions are either too high or in balance – a gratitude of life’s blessings
  • Sadness; A dark bleak essence of reality, triggered by overwhelming or unexpected events or circumstances such as a loss – either a loss of self or another like a missing piece of a jigsaw
  • Guilt; A feeling of worthlessness, a feeling that you are incapable in some way or another, a feeling that you have let another person down
  • Joy; A feeling of being in the present moment like having a picnic on a summers day, surrounded by loved ones, just enjoying the moment.
  • Love; A connection, a source of completion, a source of compassion, a source of appreciation – a heartfelt feeling
  • Disgust; A feeling of disapproval

By TheCreativeBorderline

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