Anxiety is more than an emotion.

Anxiety is a feeling of palpitations, a rapid heartbeat, inner intense distress, a temporary loss of surroundings.

Anxiety is not being able to take in all the sounds and sights of a large group or crowd.

Anxiety is stammering, struggling to get your words out.

Anxiety is rejecting invites from friends and wondering if they really like you or can see what you’re suffering with.

Anxiety is being cautious of how you appear to other people, being on constant alert and lookout for danger or threats

Anxiety is being afraid without a visible effective mood difference

Anxiety is overthinking and anaylysing

Anxiety is negative automatic thoughts

Anxiety is prevalent, anxiety damages your self worth

Anxiety is real and not to be confused with the emotion ✍🏻


By TheCreativeBorderline

Creative, Insightful, Intelligent

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