Creative Writing Group: Astronomy 🔭

Today I joined a creative writing group at Mind which I throughly enjoyed. I chose the topic astronomy and wrote a short piece:

The alignment of the planets spiralled in the eyes of its creator. The infinite depths of darkness enlightened by only one sun, the sun we see from earth. Connected as we are, we see the universe as a hologram, a projection of visual observances.

The many rays of light, just black and white, but our irises see colour. Are our eyes the centre of the universe? Is our energy the soul, the values, the connector of the universe? Like a flower needs the seasons the universe needs an emotion. It rotates. Perhaps the planets are not round as we percept it to be. Perhaps the moon is the white spectrum of light that we look up to when the stars twinkle in the invisible atmosphere.

Mars is a ball of rock to remind us of the soil we need to remove from our souls. We are the creators of the universe, we don’t see things in the same way, we visualise, we create, we make except we are one.

One at how we see the planets, one at how we feel the same emotions, one with how we perceive the shadows, the shadows of our reflection, from the light within our souls. Fire and water are opposites but do they have a chemical bond? Air and Earth are opposites of each other too. A productive transformation, the gift of sight, to see such a spectacular occurrence.

Pluto is the furthest within our solar system – but it’s alone – it’s purpose unknown – it’s grey but noticeable – just like a person who has been suppressed by envy, suppressed by jealousy, suppressed by the world’s greed.

If only we knew how captivating the universe is but we can’t survive without gravity. We can’t survive without people – to love one another is to be accepting. Accepting of the facts, accepting ourselves for who we are. Our memories are atoms, our body is energy, our mind is the creator of the universe.

By TheCreativeBorderline

Creative, Insightful, Intelligent

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