Toxic Love (Poem)

You took her soul, her spirit, her mind

You showed her fake love, love that was blind.

You pulled her into your deepest fears

You reminded her of all the memories over the years

You told her you’ll leave her once she’s in love

Once again she flew, spread her wings like a dove

You told her you loved her and you were the only one who cared

You kissed her goodbye and said she’s worth more than you shared

You told her your friends can’t know about us

If they knew they’d blame her for the evergrowing lust

You waited till her mind couldn’t take anymore

You told her it would never work out like it did before

You would message her on weekends when you were alone and free

Keep her in your room so the world can’t see

You told her everything that you felt was wrong with her head

She analysed this and decided to walk away instead

You told her she’s the only one who you can see

She knew that anyway but her heart holds the key

You left her heart numb, you played with her soul

Her next step was recovery to make herself whole




By TheCreativeBorderline

Creative, Insightful, Intelligent

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