My ethnicity results

This is my biological ancestry DNA 🧬 It’s very valuable research and I aim to explore the specific dynamics and cultural norms each of my dna results relates to and relate to my interpersonal norms and values for the purpose of  writing.    This is me and makes up me and I’m proud to be me.Continue reading “My ethnicity results”

A date back in time; ancestry.

Ancestry is such an important part of genetics and how genetics can influence our thoughts and behaviours. I’ve always been fascinated by ancestry because I like to relate my hobbies and goals and discover who I am through history. When I was younger I found out some valuable information. My great grandfather served in theContinue reading “A date back in time; ancestry.”

Secondary & qualitative research

In the age of social media our inner needs and values can be prejudiced against if we are suffering greatly within ourselves especially in our social and work occupations. To build upon my creative abilities and expand my views I’d like to ask a few questions to gather qualitative research on the topic of mentalContinue reading “Secondary & qualitative research”

A special moment 🖍

It took me a while to figure out what my purpose in life is. Who I should be. I was often comfortable and confused in isolation, alienated from the busy outside world when I found a love for books and writing. I would spend some days at the British Library in London sitting with aContinue reading “A special moment 🖍”

Storm deja vu✍🏻📝

I wrote this short story when I was in year  ten. I enjoyed literature and creative writing at school and history, creative writing & citizenship studies were my strongest subjects: I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it so here it goes… Storm Deja Vu I opened my bruised bloodshotContinue reading “Storm deja vu✍🏻📝”

A self-reflection

She fell into the darkness. Every memory and every sense of breath encapsulates her deepest fears and her most inner desires. Her brain thinking a thousand thoughts. But then she rose. Her brain started connecting patterns. Her brain started to amplify in response to environmental factors but it was still stuck. It was still fastContinue reading “A self-reflection”

How does music amplify mood?

If you’re feeling depressed listen to a piece of music that is the opposite of the way you feel – this can shift you into mania, feel your thoughts multiplying feel  yourself achieveing and being capable of anything, see so many bright colours, so many lights, do so many magnificent things even when your moodContinue reading “How does music amplify mood?”

A thoughtful note 📝

Do you ever wonder why you would switch creative tasks, change your path within life? Do you ever wonder why creativity would enhance when your depression was manic/hypomanic?  I eventually did some research from the NHS website that states: “The only psychiatric condition they found to be associated with a creative occupation was bipolar disorder,Continue reading “A thoughtful note 📝”

Ernest Hemingway 📜

Ernest Hemingway spoke from the soul. He struggled greatly throughout his life, put his thoughts in writing, and reached millions of people around the world until his life ended in tragedy from bipolar disorder. Let’s make his work proud. Fulfil his desires of what he wished to see in the world: Below are a fewContinue reading “Ernest Hemingway 📜”

The divided world

We are all divided in our concepts, in the way we feel about the world, and the way we see the world. We all support different and opposing levels of regime that separates us and in times of chaos we forget that people who are suffering are human and make mistakes except it’s not theContinue reading “The divided world”

Ideas for a mental health business – creating a business plan

Audience: Reformers & Strugglers Reformers: Are enlightened, freedom, socially aware, independent judgement Aim: To build a business for mental health sufferers Name of the business: Consists of: Groups; Counselling CBT/TB-CBT Arts & crafts Groups Play area/learning support unit for children under the age of 18 Personal gym Play area/learning support unit for children under theContinue reading “Ideas for a mental health business – creating a business plan”