Who am I? (Short text)

Who am I do you ask? I am the air invisible between the division of speed and time. The fire that burns within her soul. The water that reddens the eyes. Or could that be the salt? Why is there a lot of salt in the sea? Is it to say tears are bitter? Is […]

How does Borderline personality disorder/cptsd affect relationships?

From experience the way I look at it is our primitive brains were designed to look out for danger, to be on the lookout for threats so if you’ve consolidated unhealthy ways of forming relationships into your memory process and you’ve witnessed instability in your parents relationships or had consistent negative feedback about your behaviour […]

Welcome to Mania

My biggest passion for life is to help another in some way or other. In a period of depression mixed with mania you lose what matters to you (I hear you), but you’re determined for a fresh start without destroying your creativity.  Sometimes you can’t take in information but can release it. You are judged at […]

What mood swings feel like🦋

In its highest moments it shines from the brightest star 💫 It loves people, places, colours, travel, art, creativity, writing, history, culture, plans, ideas, goals, languages, learning, spirituality. A tidal wave. In its darkest moments your brain feels suffocated. Your body is in pain, your creativity diminished, your outlook impaired your relationships a struggle, your […]

Love as a metaphor

Love is something that has to be felt. Love doesn’t discriminate. You can’t choose who you fall in love with. You can’t please everyone in the world. For love to be special it has to be returned. Love is different from the casual encounter after a few drinks at the pub. Love is just that. Love. It manifests in […]

The transition period of awakening

When you awaken, beware of the dark. Turn on the lights. Flick that switch. It’s a bumpy road. It swallows you into the picturesque memories of the past. The balloon you once held as a child. The first cries you heard from your sibling. The first competition you won in infant school. The first church […]

More inspiring quotes

I thought today would be a productive day to sip tea, focus on what I could do to relax and began flicking through a book called “Emotional Intelligence” by Gill Hasson. One quote from the book which really caught my eye and inspires me to write more was written by Paul Cezanne: “Genius is the […]

Is there a link between creativity and mental illness?

    There are many websites speculating there is a link between creativity and mental illness. Is it specific to a certain type of mental illness? Is it specific to the individual? Or is it both? It wasn’t till I had these flights of ideas I assumed am I bipolar or am I just creative? […]

Why choose to write?

Writing has to have a personal element to it. It has to be original. It has to have value. It has verbs, nouns, adjectives, cliches, imagination, betrayal, love, compassion, every emotion, thought and feeling. Writing is something that is enjoyable. It is something that is capable of critical thinking despite cognitive distortions, despite separation from […]

The yacht in the ocean

The yacht was still, still as the midnight wind. Rocking gently creating swirling ripples around its frame Rocking so slight reflecting the moons shadow A whistle of air and a swift blow of wind can destroy its still essence and send it plummeting vivaciously into the depths of the unknown. But listen… But look… Did […]

Appearance and how you feel about yourself 💗

Have you ever felt so doubtful about your appearance? Have you ever been bullied because of the way you look? I have – particularly throughout childhood because I had a hair pulling disorder. I was often called ugly and I synchronised this into my being that weighed down my self-esteem: Here’s two photos I’d like […]