The facts of BPD #SpreadAwareness for better change💙



What is Fibromyalgia 📝

Sometimes during periods of stress you lose control of your legs, you are dizzy, you experience brain fog, and you want to sleep constantly –  The brain is linked to body pain. Focus on the cognitive model to improve fibromyalgia. The cognitive model suggests that fibromyalgia pain can be intensified if we have stored representations of memory of pain. Do yoga to improve my fibromyalgia and mindfulness meditation. Exercise improves fibromyalgia symptoms because it helps relieve stress. It helps with releasing endorphins in the brain.

Living with physical conditions as well as mental health conditions creates a paradox and doesn’t constitute to positive health so in order to improve your own mental well-being begin to use the cognitive model to identify the causes of your pain how to minimise this in your life.

Living with Borderline Personality Disorder 💕

It’s a biological illness that affects the brain. You struggle with black and white thinking. You struggle to find any grey area in your life. You love with intensity but the problem with borderline personality disorder is when you think and you think and you think you can say things that come across as manipulative even when there’s no intentions to. True manipulation is subtle. True manipulation is not visibly observant by the public eye. You become foolish in your behaviour, overgeneralise your inner anger. Anger derives from wanting to project what you feel is right but in borderline personality disorder you need to look at ways you can see the grey area in between the emotions, see the grey area in our lives. You become so distrustful and avoidant of people because of previous experiences you begin to create, create in isolation. Creative work gives others a sense of fulfilment, a release, a sense of compassion. There needs to be new treatments for borderline personality disorder. Most borderlines are writers, actors, musicians and have learned narcissistic traits because they’re battling with the memories that shaped them. They write about the way they feel because it’s the brain’s way of processing earlier experiences. It’s the brain’s way of communicating inner distress and pain. It’s treatable but not curable and depending on individual circumstances can intensify unexpectedly. They are fragile but strong. They are loving but afraid. They struggle with opposites that masks the grey area in between 💗📝

Integration of creativity with mental health 💙

Since studying my online creative writing course I’d like to share something valuable which has inspired me to integrate creativity with mental health and write to the government to see if we can provide free creative degrees to those with mental health conditions because I honestly believe it would help people identify their own personal needs and what they need help with.
The 4 P’s of creativity are Person, Process, Press, Product. This post is about Person. I’m also using this method for my own wellbeing through my journey.
In creativity ‘Person’ refers to the intelligence of an individual, temperament, habits, attitude, personality, behaviour, self-defence mechanisms, and how we feel about oneself.
So how does this relate to mental health?
Personality: What are your positive traits? What kind of person are you? What do you enjoy that makes up you? Write them down.
Intelligence: Intelligence comes in many different forms. School grades don’t measure intelligence they are generalised. Some people could be extremely practical but lack intellectual ability and some people can be extremely creative but lack social communication skills. Everyone is intelligent in their own way.
Temperament: What makes you angry? What has consumed you? What has preceded with your ability to overthink? What situations do you find yourself in that make you angry and base that on your own personal experience.
Self-defence: How do you react to situations and people that intensify your mental health symptoms? How does this make you feel? What can you do to communicate effectively when trying to establish the care and support that you need?
Behaviour: What do you do that intensifies your behaviour? How can you distinguish your negative behaviours from reality? Write down a list of your behaviours that you want to change.
How do you feel about one-self? Do you have problems identifying your own needs, do you lack energy and have irritability, do you find that stress triggers your symptoms to the extreme. What do you like about yourself? What are your hobbies and interests?
Everyone makes mistakes, I’m not a perfect individual, but I’m inspired to make difference. My traumas have inspired me to use my experiences and use my gift of compassion to deliver new ideas and concepts and not be afraid of adversity because we want change for our children’s future. We want change for stability. We want change. People often criticise themselves for what they’ve done to others that intensifies guilt and it makes us react but we ALL make mistakes – there is no perfect person. But we need to work together to create new ideas to lower mental health rates, I’m leaving the past behind me because I’m doing a lot better on my medication except still have some personal issues to work upon. I’m writing fiction books to express my own inner pain. I’m working on myself because I refuse to allow a mental health ‘label’ define me as a person. I refuse to allow others to define me based on their own thoughts and their own actions. I’m just removing myself from the negative and building a positive future for myself and want others to know it’s not too late to build something new within yourself. 💕

A new development

You feel like the world wants to diminish your creativity but criticise your depression when you ask for help when needed and the way your personal experiences have consumed you you exhaust all efforts in trying to identify the triggers but trauma based CBT and medication is useful in this instance. You can also print off self help books in the meantime to help yourself. You don’t have to feel alone in isolation creating new ideas and concepts. Don’t be afraid to be wrong and change that idea if it’s wrong. Do not be afraid to go back on a pre-existing idea and change the outcome. I’ve personally combined the 4 P’s of creativity and related that to mental health so I can form new innovations and projects to help myself and others in the future. I’ve always been a writer, that will never change. I don’t want to change who I am as a person, I want to be able to express my ideas and create new reformations for better change as the mental health rates are rising and rather than society seeing mental health as the issue we need the practicalities in place to be able to change that. I think the most appropriate job for me once I’ve worked on my own self-development is in the creative sector because I can expand on my current ideas and experiences and create new projects that will help others in delivering their full potential. Without creativity we wouldn’t have revolutions in science, without creativity we wouldn’t have DBT and cognitive based therapies. Creativity is not a curse, it’s a beautiful power to have openness to experience and the ability to use oneself and their experiences for innovation. This is me being myself so why should I apologise for being myself. Why should you apologise for wanting to write in isolation where your ideas are more prevalent in the middle of the night? This is you and be proud to be you. If anyone needs any help with any online content in a creative format then let me know and I’ll formalise plans and see what I can do for you. 💗💗

Why I love Doctor Who📝

When I was bullied for my appearance as a teenager, was deprived from being able to socialise or have friendships in school I spent the majority of my life writing because it was something I could do to put my emotions into words. It was something I could mask my inner pain of the negative experiences I was experiencing in my home life. It was a gift of mine. I knew I was different from others but I often had self doubt about my abilities, I was overly compliant, I grew up in a negative environment although my parents did their best so it’s a miracle how my heart has remained whole, how my compassion is still there despite the way the world has suppressed my most inner desires and deprived me from my goals for being open-minded, for being a compassionate being, for being different. My hobby would be to isolate myself in my room and watch doctor who as a teenager.

I love doctor who because it has historic references, it shows how people make mistakes in life in creative ways, it is emotive in its deliverance of promoting love, feelings, pain. It is a programme of art. One of the most valuable experiences I’ve had in my life was meeting Billie Piper and being part of her new film that’s being released in the new year. I love her acting and how she portrays emotion. Billie Piper will always be one of my idols. She’s creative, she has strength and David Tennant is amazing as an actor. That’s the beauty of the programme of doctor who💕

What I appreciate about my life 💗

  • I have creative writing abilities and the ability to write books, the ability to understand mental health and the ability to be optimistic in the face of adversity.
  • I have the gift of compassion
  • I love creative writing
  • I enjoy helping the elderly
  • I want to start a domestic abuse project to help victims of subtle psychological manipulation
  • I value life and value equality and opportunities
  • I can read, write and have amazing ideas
  • I always pick myself up
  • I enjoy having emotions, I enjoy being human
  • I like to help loving people
  • I have achieved many qualifications in life as my education is my strength
  • I am emotive and can put my feelings into words
  • I challenge the stigma of mental health and hope for a better world