Living with Borderline Personality Disorder 💕

It’s a biological illness that affects the brain. You struggle with black and white thinking. You struggle to find any grey area in your life. You love with intensity but the problem with borderline personality disorder is when you think and you think and you think you can say things that come across as manipulative even when there’s no intentions to. True manipulation is subtle. True manipulation is not visibly observant by the public eye. You become foolish in your behaviour, overgeneralise your inner anger. Anger derives from wanting to project what you feel is right but in borderline personality disorder you need to look at ways you can see the grey area in between the emotions, see the grey area in our lives. You become so distrustful and avoidant of people because of previous experiences you begin to create, create in isolation. Creative work gives others a sense of fulfilment, a release, a sense of compassion. There needs to be new treatments for borderline personality disorder. Most borderlines are writers, actors, musicians and have learned narcissistic traits because they’re battling with the memories that shaped them. They write about the way they feel because it’s the brain’s way of processing earlier experiences. It’s the brain’s way of communicating inner distress and pain. It’s treatable but not curable and depending on individual circumstances can intensify unexpectedly. They are fragile but strong. They are loving but afraid. They struggle with opposites that masks the grey area in between 💗📝

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