Integration of creativity with mental health 💙

Since studying my online creative writing course I’d like to share something valuable which has inspired me to integrate creativity with mental health and write to the government to see if we can provide free creative degrees to those with mental health conditions because I honestly believe it would help people identify their own personal needs and what they need help with.
The 4 P’s of creativity are Person, Process, Press, Product. This post is about Person. I’m also using this method for my own wellbeing through my journey.
In creativity ‘Person’ refers to the intelligence of an individual, temperament, habits, attitude, personality, behaviour, self-defence mechanisms, and how we feel about oneself.
So how does this relate to mental health?
Personality: What are your positive traits? What kind of person are you? What do you enjoy that makes up you? Write them down.
Intelligence: Intelligence comes in many different forms. School grades don’t measure intelligence they are generalised. Some people could be extremely practical but lack intellectual ability and some people can be extremely creative but lack social communication skills. Everyone is intelligent in their own way.
Temperament: What makes you angry? What has consumed you? What has preceded with your ability to overthink? What situations do you find yourself in that make you angry and base that on your own personal experience.
Self-defence: How do you react to situations and people that intensify your mental health symptoms? How does this make you feel? What can you do to communicate effectively when trying to establish the care and support that you need?
Behaviour: What do you do that intensifies your behaviour? How can you distinguish your negative behaviours from reality? Write down a list of your behaviours that you want to change.
How do you feel about one-self? Do you have problems identifying your own needs, do you lack energy and have irritability, do you find that stress triggers your symptoms to the extreme. What do you like about yourself? What are your hobbies and interests?
Everyone makes mistakes, I’m not a perfect individual, but I’m inspired to make difference. My traumas have inspired me to use my experiences and use my gift of compassion to deliver new ideas and concepts and not be afraid of adversity because we want change for our children’s future. We want change for stability. We want change. People often criticise themselves for what they’ve done to others that intensifies guilt and it makes us react but we ALL make mistakes – there is no perfect person. But we need to work together to create new ideas to lower mental health rates, I’m leaving the past behind me because I’m doing a lot better on my medication except still have some personal issues to work upon. I’m writing fiction books to express my own inner pain. I’m working on myself because I refuse to allow a mental health ‘label’ define me as a person. I refuse to allow others to define me based on their own thoughts and their own actions. I’m just removing myself from the negative and building a positive future for myself and want others to know it’s not too late to build something new within yourself. 💕

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