Why I love Doctor Who📝

When I was bullied for my appearance as a teenager, was deprived from being able to socialise or have friendships in school I spent the majority of my life writing because it was something I could do to put my emotions into words. It was something I could mask my inner pain of the negative experiences I was experiencing in my home life. It was a gift of mine. I knew I was different from others but I often had self doubt about my abilities, I was overly compliant, I grew up in a negative environment although my parents did their best so it’s a miracle how my heart has remained whole, how my compassion is still there despite the way the world has suppressed my most inner desires and deprived me from my goals for being open-minded, for being a compassionate being, for being different. My hobby would be to isolate myself in my room and watch doctor who as a teenager.

I love doctor who because it has historic references, it shows how people make mistakes in life in creative ways, it is emotive in its deliverance of promoting love, feelings, pain. It is a programme of art. One of the most valuable experiences I’ve had in my life was meeting Billie Piper and being part of her new film that’s being released in the new year. I love her acting and how she portrays emotion. Billie Piper will always be one of my idols. She’s creative, she has strength and David Tennant is amazing as an actor. That’s the beauty of the programme of doctor who💕

By TheCreativeBorderline

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