Misconceptions of the borderline in relationships 💕

The borderline personality doesn’t refuse to let go, they will let go of someone that doesn’t return the love they give to others. They will message a person a lot to express their feelings and their values:    They love with intensity but they don’t expect maltreatment for being in intense pain. They want validation and acceptance of their genuine emotions. They want to be cared for by another individual. If their needs aren’t returned then this can cause them intense suffering. They fear losing the happiness or love that they have been so deprived from throughout their lives. They crave love, not attention. They crave you to return the love they do passionately want to give. If you have no intentions of committing to a borderline or creating a healthy balanced relationship you’re hurting that person even more. You’re not respecting that individual. You’re throwing them into the fire and shaming them. You’re doing the opposite of the borderlines inner most feelings in the root of their experiences and their personality. Borderlines give others chance after chance for you to love them. They’re lost souls deserving of love. They take their pain out on themselves because they’ve been bruised, they’ve been tortured in more ways than one. They’ve always done good for others but this wasn’t returned or they were accused of not being able to handle being alone. They are often alone because they’ve been neglected. They are often alone because others struggle to identify with who they are as people. They are often alone because society rejects them even though they have amazing abilities. An amazing ability to love the world despite their inner pain. They aren’t afraid to express their emotions. They choose to try live a life of laughter. They follow through with different ideas, goals and plans to try and heal within themselves. They have issues with anger because their brains are constantly hypervigilant and on edge. They want to feel they can be themselves and develop a good level of trust with one individual. Many relationships don’t appeal to the borderline because they want what matters to them. Love. They want the love they know they deserve.

By TheCreativeBorderline

Creative, Insightful, Intelligent

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