Who am I? (Short text)

Who am I do you ask?

I am the air invisible between the division of speed and time. The fire that burns within her soul. The water that reddens the eyes. Or could that be the salt? Why is there a lot of salt in the sea? Is it to say tears are bitter? Is the sea a pool of tears? But you can’t see my pain. You don’t feel what I feel. You only see what you wish to see – your perception is somewhat different from mine. I’m delirious in thought but seductive in appearance.No matter where I go hallowing thoughts affect my neurotransmitters – my brain is different from yours. I see things as a purpose. Any moment I want to collapse physically, but my body is fine – or is it? These palpitations I feel beat suddenly even when there’s nothing to fear – so it’s clear my heart is working, my body can stand, my eyes can see and I know where I am – the only problem is I don’t know who I am. Some would say I have anxiety. But what is it? Some don’t even believe persistent anxiety even exists but it does. I’m just the tide waiting for the next full moon.

By TheCreativeBorderline

Creative, Insightful, Intelligent

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