The transition period of awakening

When you awaken, beware of the dark. Turn on the lights. Flick that switch. It’s a bumpy road. It swallows you into the picturesque memories of the past. The balloon you once held as a child. The first cries you heard from your sibling. The first competition you won in infant school. The first church you went to. The first tree you climbed. The first people you met. The arguments you witnessed. The instability you felt. The loss of love you felt. The reaching out but feeling neglected. The first beach you went to as a child being scared of the sand – the feeling. How it felt uncomfortable. How this small child would fidget in nursery and teachers couldn’t make her stop. How she had the reading ability of a twelve year old at the age of three but was behind in her comprehension skills, the girl who was countlessly told something was “wrong” with her? The girl who could have grown up conversations at the age of four. Playing outside and enjoying playscheme in her small London Town. She awoke and she remembered who she was. She was born with this spiritual nature. This gift of compassion. The ability to not be afraid of her vulnerabilities but she knew others couldn’t see her life long pain. She knew. She knew because she was endlessly shown her flaws that masked her beauty.📆

By TheCreativeBorderline

Creative, Insightful, Intelligent

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