A date back in time; ancestry.

Ancestry is such an important part of genetics and how genetics can influence our thoughts and behaviours. I’ve always been fascinated by ancestry because I like to relate my hobbies and goals and discover who I am through history.

When I was younger I found out some valuable information. My great grandfather served in the war and worked on his own radio station within his home using morse code. He was a loving gentleman and I miss him in more ways than one. His ancestry dates back to France. When I loved Egyptology and archaeology he would give me an album of pictures as a child and I enjoyed flicking through at the black and white photographs. His grandfather was Louis Pique who was a selfless altruistic person who enjoyed helping others but was often thought of as a strange individual. His history is currently in Dover Museum. I loved the violin as a child but had to give up this hobby when I moved to Stevenage although music will always hold a special place in my heart. Below: Louis Pique.


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