A thoughtful note 📝

Do you ever wonder why you would switch creative tasks, change your path within life? Do you ever wonder why creativity would enhance when your depression was manic/hypomanic?  I eventually did some research from the NHS website that states:

“The only psychiatric condition they found to be associated with a creative occupation was bipolar disorder, and the only specific creative profession they linked to psychiatric problems is writing.”

Although you can feel the suppression and the changes you will and shall recover but you will never lose your ability to write creatively. 

Is it possible that this condition is overly diagnosed? You don’t have to have a psychotic episode to have bipolar disorder. Delusions are common but psychosis doesn’t happen all the time with bipolar disorder.

It’s time to spread a little awareness of how mental health affects the brain.


By TheCreativeBorderline

Creative, Insightful, Intelligent

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