Is borderline personality disorder really a personality disorder?🧐

Borderline Personality Disorder ⭐️Borderline Personality disorder is a type of personality disorder that occurs as the result of abuse or neglect hence fits into the personality disorder category. It is the only personality disorder to show significant active change on MRI scans but from a personal point of view as a sufferer I believe it’s a psychiatric illness that can be relieved through psychological therapies and positive affirmations and associations although there’s no specific drug to treat it yet.

To avoid a borderline mental health crisis avoid anyone emotionally abusive who intends to emotionally abuse, avoid negative associations and negative unstable relationships, avoid too much stress as a BPD mental health crisis can last for a long period of time from experience without intervention or appropriate support.

It is highly stigmatised in health professions because of the way it is portrayed in the media but the illness isn’t an individual’s personality or identity. You can have positive people with BPD and negative people with BPD. Individuals suffering from BPD are not manipulative as this was removed recently in the DSM. The black-white thinking comes across as manipulative and the hallucinations and delusions that magnify during relationships except not all relationships are effected. If an individual is understanding towards your borderline personality disorder then the more likely you’ll have less problems in interpersonal relationships. Personally I feel Borderline Personality Disorder borders between Complex PTSD and bipolar disorder as it affects the same areas of the brain.

You have a variety of skills, you are intelligent, creative and optimistic. You always believe in a better world.

By TheCreativeBorderline

Creative, Insightful, Intelligent

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